Juggernaut Juventus

I'm glad that we kept Felipe Anderson as quiet as we could.. I want de Vrij in Juve colours within 5 years... I see him as a possible Chi3llo replacee. So, yes, two hurdles have now been crossed - now an absolutely mahoosive one in that stadium in Berlin.. FinoAllaFineForzaJuventus And so

Sat 06/06/15 UCL Juventus 19 : 45 barcelona

The biggest match in a very long time... let's take a little look at this season's campaign for both our Juve and crappy barcelona.. Juve Won 7, Lost 2, Drawn 3, Scored 16, Conceded 7, 6 Clean Sheets barcelona Won 10, Lost 2, Drawn 0, Scored 28, Conceded 10, 6 Clean Sheets


WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS... Yesterday, I donned our blue shirt and went about my day with pride... Super Alvaro.. I think I need to watch the game again.. It was very emotional. Berlin we know very well.. Gianluigi and the two Andreas will have the fondest memories. Again we showed madrid

To start PLP or not to start PLP, this could be the question

Should Paul Labile Pogba start? For me, I think he should definitely start Weednesday's super-huge game from the bench... he could be the impact and change we could need during the game with some long dangly fresh legs.. he should also be instructed to shoot on sight as we all know


I'm watching them again in their recent game against sevilla... i think to myself oh what a wonderful world I think to myself forget about tactics, we need to be good technically... we need to be CLASS... we can be class but some of our players can sometimes be very nervous

Genova 1800 hours, Saturday, 5 May 2015

Look, I know that this may sound absolutely completely totally Krazy very much with a capital-K, but I think we need to go to this game and hand the 3 points to il Doria. In the uk our game against madrid on Tuesday will be televised on crappy itv (for maybe

The Draws

Nice draw for Napoli, I think. Fiorentina, I hope, can oust sevilla, r. madrid it is. Damn, I was wanting barcelona as we have never come up against messy.


Loook boys and girls, tonight's game was very tough.. we did just enough, but weren't great at all really.. quite poor at times. Hopefully PLP (good to see him alongside young Kwadwo in the audience tonight) can be ready in time for the semi finals... he got his injury on