My return… after Juventus Roma (good victory)

Hello my black and white friends, how are you? I'm fine. I worked hard over the last period. I travelled in the world and now I'm in London (fortunately I love the english breakfast... as well as juventus... hihihi). The match against AsRoma is a very important victory because We stay

Juventus vs Cesena

This match is very important. We need to win absolutely because these antagonists (Cesena) lead the points for final victory of championship. Today, We could play with Coman and Morata in forward. Let's go, come on! I hope, I believe, i enjoy, but primarily I belong to Juventus !!!!

Champions League: dream or nightmare?

For me, the start of the dream!!! This time We have a good possibility; our team is capable of changing its formation (3-5-2 and 4-3-3) and our trainer is more optimistic than the old one. I see hope!!! This evening, our team plays against Malmo, which has a module and it

Juventus vs Udinese: are you ready?

The probable formation has the standard module of last three years: 3-5-2. Probably, the squad is: Buffon Caceres - Bonucci - Ogbonna Lichtsteiner - Pereyra - Marchisio - Pogba - Evra Tevez (Coman) - Llorente I hope in good match and a simple victory without injuries and efforts. For you, is this the best formation

Juventus vs FIGC

First match between Juventus and FIGC after Chiellini's injury. FIGC wants that Chiellini goes to Norway for support squad; against, Juventus calls back Chiellini to treat the injury. Oriali is typical manager of Inter Milan (I hate theirs) and Mister Conte loses points at my eyes.

Best pubs in london to watch Juventus

Hello Juventini, Help me, help yourself !!! I would like to have a list of pubs in London to watch the matches of Juventus. Is it possible to get a list of pubs? Where can I see Juventus matches? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.