New season and new players

What does everybody think. ,we had some solid performances. Pogba not missed so far I think Lemina is doing a great job.


So if he is on his way back to Argentina. Who would you like to see replace him.


Who would have thought it at the beginning of the season ?

Claudio Marchisio

Hurt himself during training with the Italian team, season over out 6 to 8 months


Strong reports that we want to bring him to juve for next season.He was a good player, can we get him back to his best and is he worth the money ?. I would hope he could be a bargain.

Totti: ‘Roma waiting for Juve’

What a plonker to come out with comments like that. Not good for the fans or the newspapers and just makes him look so silly. Forza Juve be good to beat them too.


Ok so how do we plan for this game. My view try to win it and go 12 points clear


Well done guys lets go 9 points clear tonight. We want to meet Roma in a few weeks with as many points ahead as we can