Conte to resign

Reports suggest he may resign from his post as he is frustrated that clubs wont allow him more times with players. Grow up Mr Conte !!!, think about what clubs have done for you. He has become a bit of a winger since his success.

Tavecchio Italian football president: “Calciopoli

Google translate this-Assurda la causa alla Figc, ma quella Juve era nettamente la squadra più forte e avrebbe vinto comunque. Sul campo gli scudetti sono 32, la squadra non ha rubato ma la sentenza che ha punito il club va rispettata. Looks like our new court appearance wont change a thing.


Looks like Giovinco is on his way reports suggest Osvaldo or Matri for me I prefer the latter.


So its no surprise he is going back to Argentina in 2016.Who would you like to replace him. For me Sergio Agüero


Sources say Giovinco, 27, will join Toronto FC on a four-year contract worth $7 million USD annually. It is expected Giovinco will stay with Juventus in Italy until July, although the exact timing of his move has not been confirmed. It is believed that a multi-million dollar transfer fee will


To Real for 100m plus yes or no ?


Lichtsteiner expresses joy at contract renewal. Great news why did it take so long

Super Cup

Kick off Monday 22 December 2014 at 17.30 live Rai Uno HD not sure if its on BT Sport