New Kits

What do we think of the new Adidas kits? Personally, I'm against having stars now as the count is disputed, but if we are going to have stars, we should have a silver one to represent 10 coppa. I do like the pink awy kit, though.

Inter or Lazio

We're now just two games away from a treble. Our next match is away in the derby d'Italia, a match that means nothing to us except pride, then on Wednesday the Coppa final 'away' to Lazio. Personally, I'd rather rest players against Inter to secure the cup, something we haven't


A defeat to Parma could be considered a hiccup, but now a lacklustre display against Monaco, and another defeat at Torino, and I'm beginning to get concerned. Maybe being in three competitions is stretching us a bit too far. I still expect the scudetto, but we might have to limp

Money or Scudetto

Tavecchio has intimated that if Juve drop the €440 million claim for damages against the FIGC, which would certainly bankrupt them, then maybe we could get one or both of those scudetti back. Which would you prefer?


Caceres has broken his ankle. Won't know how long he'll be out until after surgery. It highlights a need position for Juve. Barzagli has missed pretty much the season and will be 32 next year. Evra will be 34 and plays like he's twice that. Ogbonna is good, but not

I say (facetiously) we should sack Allegri

I've just done the math and realised that even if we win all our remaining games, we can ONLY amass 99 points, three less than last year. Not good enough. Only one conclusion: sack Allegri (unless we win the Champions League)

Who do you hate?

Juventus are the most hated club in Italy, and we don't care, but Steves bilious diatribe against Man City has made me think. As Juve fans, which clubs do you hate most and why?

Allegri (part II)

Okay, I admit it. I may have spoken too soon. This 4-3-3 formation seemed to work quite well today! If he gets us through the group stage in the Champions League and a nice draw in 2nd round, then I'll give him my support until the end of the season.

Time to sack Allegri

Not just the results, but the performances. If Tevez doesn't score, no-one else will. Come back Conte, PLEEEEEEZE!