Let us Think

Alex has been in the Australian media again (a href=”http://www.news.com.au/sport/football/couple-travel-from-italy-to-meet-alessandro-del-piero-at-sydney-fc-training-after-their-juventus-themed-wedding/story-fndm8bqv-1226726420895″>CLICK).

My first reaction upon reading this article was to shed a tear and reminisce for the affection and love that Alessandro Del Piero has towards his club, his one love..é la Juventus.

Please be back soon, Alex.

2 thoughts on “Let us Think

  1. I FWD this to my wife…she had a laugh..i told her she was lucky….my wedding could of been a bianconero/ferrari wedding 🙂 but alas – it never happened! ADP SEI SEMPRE IN NOSTRI CUORI!!!! ALE ALE ALE ALE!!!

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