The Derby della Mole!!!

Ciao tutti, so thoughts on the derby….I hope Tevez does a “Enzo Maresca”…DAI REGAZZI!!!

7 thoughts on “The Derby della Mole!!!

  1. Be great to pick up another 3 points away, early kick off 11.30 am our time. Bit strange that we have played 3 games away in a week. Torino have started well this season. I must say Tevez does look good when on the ball to be honest I never bothered to see him play when in the uk.

  2. Tevex is OK and that is all really.

    I hope Vucinic and Giovinco can have a go.

    It will be an interesting and tough match for us at our old bowl so maybe not entirely an away match. There will maybe be a higher proportion of Juve fans than Torino ones in the theatre.

    1. Bloody heck… OK I think the goal against Chievo was certainly more blatantly obvious but Carlitos today was tussling with his opponent and happened to be tussled onto the wrong side of the defender at the time the ball was played… yes, we know that it’s difficult for the officials and he was only just marginally offside and so the advantage should always go to the attacker especially how Carlos may not have been able to see or hear the ball being played and he seemed to know little about what was going on. Bravo Paul Pogba 🙂

      1. I’ve watched the goal back.. Giovinco corner set piece, Bonucci header… yes, maybe Carlos was offside when Leo headed the ball on, but all the tussling and C. Tevex probably not seeing or hearing the ball…. give benefit of doubts..

        Roma are looking seriously strong this season even after their transfer activities because I kind of thought that they might struggle but so far they’ve won all their games (assuming that Bologna don’t score 4 in 20 mins), scored 16+ and conceded just 1+…

  3. We need some luck to go our way…fustrating game…TOrino had 0 shots on target…big one next..Milan…atleats no balotelli… just glad we got our three points…

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