Paul Pogba

Imagine if he has a good WC. Offers will continue. We may have to think about selling him in 2 or 3 years’ or less (hopefully 3 years) actually to try and boost our bank balance so we have more resources.

PP has great attributes but it is his attitude, confidence, intelligence and maturity that most impresses me. He can sometimes be seen throwing miniature almost Balotelli-like tantrums though! It is crazy that Ferguson somehow screwed up with him.

5 thoughts on “Paul Pogba

  1. I’m not so sure about that, Mario. It depends how much they want him. Real were rumoured to be interested in Vidal last summer but baulked at Juves €50m valuation. I don’t think they want him badly enough to offer that. He’s happy at Juve and he’s pretty much guaranteed action. I don’t think he’s going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

    1. Yes, very happy with everything at Juve. It could happen in 2-3 years like AA said.

      He’s guaranteed the action. I hope the midfield can become stronger with Marchisio, Vidal & Pogba. Pirlo is looking too old at times now. He’s helped us out a lot. Thanks to everyone at Milan including the one and only Silvio Ber-loco-coni who gave the nod for Andrea to arrive here and get la Juventus back on its feet.

    1. I’m sick of the flipping horrible disgusting little man city but now that so much money has been invested it is hard for them to annoy everyone. It feels like some kind of pest that is very naive. man city is really just a small club with crap fans.

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