Lets hope that’s our last bad game of the season!! shocking after being 2 up.

9 thoughts on “Fiorentina

  1. Why do we keep conceding? Only two clean sheets in the league. Is Gigi losing it? There seems to be too many errors creeping into everyones’ game.

    Wednesday’s game now has so much importance. We need to try and beat them but we know that we will take a point from this fixture.

  2. I think Gigi has been losing it for a while now. He is making far to many mistakes, just cant get down quick enough these days and its really costing us big time! Even against Denmark he should have done better. I love Gigi, greatest keeper ever but he cant play forever.

  3. I have to agree, Stephen, I think Gigi is still good, but his reputation exceeds him. Valdes on a free would be good business, but I’d like to see Leali get a few cup games. Ease him in and get a closer look at him.

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