Real madrid

Guys I would love to put one over on them, such a arrogant team.

7 thoughts on “Real madrid

  1. Unfortunately, they have good cause to be arrogant. Given our form, I can’t see us getting anything. I wouldn’t be too disappointed with a narrow loss. We’re certainly not a team capable of challenging for the big ears.

  2. Robbed by a an asshole of a referee!! That lying cheating scumbag of an excuse Ronaldo getting Chiellini sent off…i hope sweden beat portugal and teaches that little porro a lesson and watch the WC at home like the rest of us peasants!!! What goes around will come around!

  3. MArio not necessarily… we need to beat Gala and Copen FC and we shall qualify with 8 points, as I cannot see RM loosing to Gala. We can still loose againstRM as long as we beat the other 2

  4. It’s reported UEFA have taken referee Manuel Grafe off big games after his poor performance in Real Madrid-Juventus. It doesn’t give us the points back does it ?

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