So close and yet so far

Juve go out of this year’s Champions League competition after an 85th minute goal by Wesley Sneider.

The game started last night but was abandoned after 30 minutes due to snow and hailstorms made it impossible to continue.

The remaining 60 minutes of play took place this afternoon on a very heavy pitch which made fast play impossible.

Juventus finish third in the group and should go into the Europa League competition.


Galatasaray 1 – 0 Juventus

9 thoughts on “So close and yet so far

  1. Very disappointed that Leo Bonucci could not but should have stopped dick head from scoring. If that was Giorgio or Arturo they would have gone in hard on him and just put their friggin foot through the ball. It was easy for Leo to do that but he failed. And as for Melo he is nasty piece of work and I hope someone breaks his nose tomorrow.

    1. Melo is soft really. I saw Arturo wind him up and win and seen even adam johnson get to him when Juve met that [actually] small Manchester club. It was pathetic really but Felipe isn’t that hard really and he did next to nothing for us really. He was sometimes useful, though. I do give credit where it is deserved.

  2. I was pleased to see Conte and the boys exit the pitch in rapid time. I hope we’re already in the air now getting out of that horrible country and returning back to Italy

  3. We need to start signing some top quality players..Its just not good enough and im fed up of the excuses. A number of our players dont have what it takes to play at this level

  4. It is solemnly true that a different pitch would have seen a different result just like a different morning, afternoon, evening or night would have seen a different result. SUCH IS LIFE. I saw my Juve slipping on through with a point but Leo could not do what was needed and should really be dropped from the squad for his crappy play (I thought that he tries to act the tough man too). Sick of pussies. Need to see some proper cojones in this squad next season. Llorente I have grown to admire now. He is growing himself. He has the Berbatov factor sometimes about him a bit. Pirlo on the pitch could have made this day different too. It is true that Andrea is very quiet and calm. He does his talking on the pitch as Toto di Natale has mentioned in his #one2eleven. “STRIKER- Alessandro Del Piero

    A legend in Italian football, Del Piero. Because I think Ale was the best player in Italy. And he was a champion, he showed that with Juve. Then he’s got that bit extra, he was a footballing example. I think we need to appreciate what he’s doing, what he will do in the future, and we thank him, me as a captain, but also all the players in Italy, because he’s a great champion.”

  5. Wigan would be a nice opponent and really they could finish 2nd if Zulte-Waregem [whom I’ve never heard of] (Yes, they’re Belgian and a lot seems to be on the Belgians these days. I think that they are perfectionists or something. Like the French, but better maybe.) lose at home against Rubin Kazan, but Wigan need a 3 points at Maribor.

  6. I think we’re going to be unseeded in the draw. We will get a tough opponent because Shakhtar, Benfica, Basel, Napoli & Ajax all have better records in this season’s elite competition. I think Ajax will be unseeded also because they have inferior records to Shakhtar and Basel (Shakhtar, Basel and Ajax all finished with 8 points). So, there are 8 teams entering the Europa. 4 are seeded and 4 unseeded based on records. Spurs are one of the opponents whom we could be drawn against.

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