I know we are down at the moment, but lets give it a go especially as the final is at out own home.

6 thoughts on “Europa

  1. We really need to give the Europa a proper go,its a european trophy at the end of the day. Would also be good for our co-efficient. As for our C.L campaign We are far too predictable and have no pace or flair in attack. Tevez tries hard but he is no Aguerro, he’s not a proper campione. Dont think the 3-5-2 is working, definitely need a few changes, tactically and personnel..

    1. I agree that we need to give it a go and that it would be good for our UEFA co-efficient points rankings. Let us win this again and build up for next season’s big effort.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I hope we win it, but I’m not going to go mental about it. If we won the CL, then there would be drinking, shouting and naked streaking in the street. If we won the EL, I’d smile. That’s about it.
    As for the formation, I like the 3-5-2. We’re dominant in serie A because of it. Don’t you remember when Conte tried a 4-4-2 when he first started? It only took a few games to realize a change was needed.
    We had some bad luck in the CL, but with some good luck, other teams will have to adapt their formations to suit us. Like Gala did. We were still the better team then.

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