January window

It’s the silly season again, and Juve have been linked with some odd transfer rumours. Menez and Nani are allegedly both targets. We don’t need Menez as Pepe is back in action and Nani would mean changing to 4-3-3. Also Vucinic and Marchisio out. That would be madness. With Vidal, Pogba and (the majestic but aging) Pirlo, Marchisio is a vital cog in midfield. All rotate and keep fresh and cover each other. Mirko might not be a 1st teamer, but he can offer something different from the bench. Who would you like to see in or out? Heard any different rumours?

Been a Juve fan Since 1978. Still in love with Platini. Was at Heysel with my older brother.

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