Campioni D’inverno

With the first half of the season out of the way Juventus have set the standards, with only defeat to answer to (Fiorentina 4-2) it has been a relatively good.

I say relatively because it was marred by the performances obtained in the Champions league, all fingers are pointing to the fact that the game v Galatasaray should have not taken place, poor excuse the game against Copenhagen which ended 1-1 two points dropped, at home Galatasaray 2-2 two more points dropped, that’s were Juve lost out on the qualifier to the knock out stage, now there only pride in the Europa league, in the actual fact Juve could go all the way as there is little else to play for, so a European trophy could still be in the making, Antonio Conte has got the grasp of the Italian League but not very much in the Euro front let’s hope a good run in this cup can build enough knowledge for next season attack on the Champions league as one can only but hope.

Returning to this seasons, and what a season it has been Juve running away with the league followed by the surprising Roma whiles big spenders Napoli are chasing third place with Fiorentina, both Juve and Roma have only one defeat to answer  to, Juve with Fiorentina who let slip a 2-0 half time lead to a 4-2 defeat as fro Roma their defeat came in the shape of Juve 3-0, but the biggest surprise of all has to be Milan who are struggling g midtable, their last game cost coach Allegri his job after the defeat against Sassuolo, but what makes the win for the hosts even better for a Juventino is that not that Milan took a 2-0 lead after 13 minutes and were pegged back to a defeat but the fact that Domenico Berardi is in fact a player on loan from Juventus who by scoring four goals has rewritten the record books as been the first 19 year old to do so in Seria A, how sweet is that, even when Juve don’t play against then a Juve player destroys them.

As for the other Milan team what an up and down season they to are having even though they are five points away from a Champions League spot they have only managed one win in seven games at this rate they will join Milan (hopefully), the other surprising team is Udinese who for some reason are not firing on all cylinders are having the worst season in the last eight years as for Lazio another who promised loads and delivered nothing, but who cares as long as Juve do what they have to do keep on dancing. For so far the best attack is Juventus with 46 followed by Napoli on 41 Roma on 39 and Inter on 38, best defence goes to Roma with 10 (they kept a record of 12 clean sheets) followed by Juventus on 12 (who kept 11 clean sheets) they are followed by Napoli and Fiorentina by 20 each, as for the worst attack Catania get that award with  13 goals not far ahead is Chievo with 14, and worst defence is Sassuolo with only conceding 41 times (they kept2 clean sheets their biggest defeat was at home v Inter 7-0)  followed by Catania with 34 (who have kept a clean sheet only 4 times (their biggest defeats were against Juve and Roma 4-0).

Know lets look forward to the next 19 games as for Champions league entry next season is for Juventus to throw it away as they are 15 points ahead of Fiorentina who occupy fourth spot, and 20 from Inter and Verona, just keep playing there is no need to look over their shoulders.        

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