Thiago Motta advises Juventus to cash in on Pogba

Thiago Motta advises Juventus to cash in on a reported €60m PSG offer for Paul Pogba. β€œIt’d be a good deal for them.” —Why doesn’t this idiot go back where he came from, doesn’t he remember which league he is playing in?

3 thoughts on “Thiago Motta advises Juventus to cash in on Pogba

  1. I think that’s the point. He admires Pogba and wants to play in the same team. Maybe he should try to get a transfer to Juve. We could swap Marco Motta for Thiago Motta.

  2. The reality is that we will have to sell Pauline soon. Not this January, but maybe after the Cup of the World or some time in the season after or maybe he can just be content with his increased salary and remain with us for some more years (so young he still is of course).

    By the way, I saw Andrea Agnelli in the audience at the recent Ballon d’Or awards ceremony.. That Ruud Gullit is a funny chap too. ClickIt looks like him at minute 17:28 in the bottom right of the screen??

  3. Maybe Verratti could come the other way in some nice deal assuming that he’d still be in PSG. Yes, they’re different types of players and also Marco isn’t a goalscorer, so πŸ™

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