Vucinic-Guarin swap

Apparently was all agreed but the Inter fans have gone mad, shame on you!!!.what’s this Guarin guy like?

8 thoughts on “Vucinic-Guarin swap

  1. Potential, but unproven. I’m apprehensive about this. Vucinic is a good player that just can’t get in the squad. I think that makes him worth more than Guarin. Although, that said, I appreciate we have 5 strikers and only 4 top quality midfielders.

    1. “…only 4 top quality midfielders…”???? Who do you think these are then? Marchisio, Pirlo, Vidal and Pogba (in order of cast appearance.. Pogba arrived at the start of 2012/13 season and Pirlo was on his way about a month before Vidal in 2011). But you have missed another important top quality midfielder in Kwadwo Asamoah….

  2. If this deal does happen then I will be afraid if Mirko is wearing nerazzurri colours when l’Interlad. come to our castle a couple of days after the bleeding transfer window firmly closes because he may just be another name to add to the list of former Juve players who scores against us. However, this is not a done deal but seems very likely. I like Mirko and would miss him.

  3. I meant 4 CENTRAL midfielders. I wasn’t including wingers (Asamoah, Pepe), wing-backs (Lichtsteiner, De Ceglie) or squad players (Padoin, Peluso) or crap (Isla). I think Vucinic improves Inter MORE than Guarin improves us. Isay pull the plug.

  4. Really? It could easily be back on again. It could end up being a good deal for us.

    Sky UK, I guess, are just doing some business with Sky Italia but is, of course, ultimately the same organisation. Nice match so far. We just need to press them.

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