Are we sure this is a good deal. We should bring one of our loan players back. 20 m sounds a waste of money and could be spent elsewhere..

5 thoughts on “Osvaldo

  1. I heard it’s €500,000 loan fee with certain bonuses and €20million OPTION to buy. As I said in my previous post, I’m not convinced it’s a signing we need. Another Borriello situation. Happy to give him a chance, but he’s going to have to do something special to warrant that fee.

  2. Look the way this will pan out will see him return to the saints and probably be sold to some club other than Juve. We’ve given saints a few hundred thousand pounds and hopefully that is all will happen.

      1. He’s okay but not that good. He will play only a a handful or two more games than the likes of Bendtner and Anelka did and I don’t see him becoming permanent. We’re simply just offering him an olive branch type of thing as Southampton cast him out. It’s us being supportive to the guy. He may get some chances to prove himself so we’ll see.

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