Champions again

Now lets see what they can do to take away our 3rd star .Apparently we have bought Nani for 5m

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  1. I don’t think we should wear a third star. I feel it would be an admission that we’ve only won 30 titles, not 32. Screw the stars, we know the truth. I’m not a huge fan of Nani, but it’s only 5Mill, and he’s better than Isla.

  2. Campione d’Italia !!!!!!! We should put 32 stars on the shirt like diamond encrusted bling and all that kind of stuff…….

    I feel a little, what’s the word, not underwhelmed but sort of like removed of something or like empty that we weren’t able to score a legal goal against Ben. We played like that was the final and the goal we were looking for playing very well, dogged, determined and stuff… The sort of desire I wish to enjoy watching in every single game we play in next season. I think maybe we were rushing a bit at times though and weren’t calm and patient as we could have been. If only Stephan controlled that ball from, I think, Claudio it was and scored.

    Many say that A. Conte should leave us because he’s taken us as far as he can. I don’t think I agree with that though, but maybe he has poor approach to games in Europe and should look at other formations. I hope we can be slotted into a group that contains shitpool so we can go to war

          1. Did you read the comments at the bottom though? Not one agreed with the author (who isn’t juventino)

  3. Andrea Agnelli and I think alike:

    The head of the Bianconeri says the club will not acknowledge the milestone, seeing as in their eyes they have already won 32.

    “We have written a page in the history of Juventus,” Agnelli said today at a Press conference. “That is to the credit of the Coach, the players and my colleagues.

    “There will be no third star because, in our eyes, we have won 32 Scudetti even though the official records say we have only won 30.

    “From today we are allowed to choose when to put the star on. When other teams manage to add the second star, we will add the third to show the difference between us and them.

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