Is he off or not surely not to Monaco ?

5 thoughts on “Conte

  1. He will stay. He is the one who reinstalled some motivation in the squad. He’s been pivotal since those two seasons that saw us finish 7th. Anything could happen though. He will sit down at the end of the season and talk all things Juventus

  2. Ciro has scored again for Torino today…. he will get the Capo. award and should go to Brasil and be selected ahead of Mario. FULL STOP, NEW PARAGRAPH.

  3. Well I guess we know that he’s definitely going to Brasil anyway… we should bring him back to the fold also and see how he gets on in the bianconero

  4. I have been sacrificing animals on a daily basis and begging the gods to make sure Conte stays. I hear he wants top class players like Di Maria/Sanchez/Cavani but doesn’t want to sell any players. Unfortunately, we don’t have bottomless middle-eastern pockets, so might be tricky.

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