Ibra thinks Italy – Brazil final

Crazy horse Zlatan Ibrahimovic thinks this will happen.

I’m not sure if it can even happen, but if we do qualify to the knockout phases then from our current standing in the group we are more likely to finish in 2nd if we get a positive result against Uruguay.

We could, obviously, top the group if we win well and England win well (as they will be relaxed now and want to win for pride) against Costa Rica reducing Costa’s +3 GD to +1 or something.

Does anyone know what comes next if say after group D’s games are all played and Costa Rica have +1 GD and Italy beat Uruguay 1-0 to finish with +1 GD also? Are the amount of goals scored then taken into equation as to who gets which position? Maybe the 1-0 against Uruguay wouldn’t be enough because we currently have scored 2 goals and Costa Rica have 4. This is interesting. Then, if amount of goals scored for both nations are also equal, does it then come down to goals conceded? If those are equal, then what? FIFA rankings? The alphabet?

So Zlatan thinks it will be an Italy – Brazil final with Brazil winning.

We ARE more likely to finish 2nd so are seemingly more likely to play against Colombia in the Round of 16. If we meet the Colombians then we are likely to meet Brazil in the Quarter Finals assuming Brazil are going to top their group (surely they will beat Cameroon?) and beat either Chile or Netherlands.

Anyway I think you’re wrong, Zlatan.

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