All the Italian press are suggesting that he has resigned. Could we have sold pogba or vidal or has he got the Italian job. Or is it a joke

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  1. what is going on? the first i heard or read about Conte was via a textual message from a cousin… In life we can never be truly sure what is really going on. We watch the news and are told this and told about that but what correspondents, spokespeople etc tell us can obviously be the complete opposite.

    Gigi thinks by the tone of the announcement it is without any anger… maybe he will return to us later in his career.

    It makes this summer now very interesting to see who succeeds AC.

    This is our next chapter and we need to embrace it.

    Forza la Bianconera

  2. I’m beginning to think that it may have had something to do with the Iturbe negotiations.

    I think I read that we were haggling over a few million Euro. Maybe the deal collapsed and Iturbe is going to Roma, so Conte fumed and handed in his resignation.

  3. I’m gutted. I’m physically nauseous. Losing Conte is a disaster, and appointing Allegri would make it a cataclysm. With Allegri, I fear we’ll lose Vidal, Pogba AND Champions League football. We should at least get a good manager in. I always rated Spalletti quite highly and he’s out of a job. Or maybe Capello to return?

  4. HI All,

    its been awhile. I say this; the management are so tight on their wallets, its beyond reason. Like conte said, you cannot dine at the Ritz with 10 euros! Apparently he wanted di maria, cuadrado, sanchez! Realistically we could not afford that, but give him some players that can get us far in champions league.

    We have now taken a step backwards. Allegri apparently has signed a 2year deal! We are F***!! Reminds me the dark days of Ranieri, Zacc, DelNeri etc…welcome now to dark age again!

    In the most negative way possible, i hope now our season will capitulate! So the ignorant management can see their mistakes.

    Here is me saluting to an awful season ahead of us! we probably will loose vidal or pogba now!

    i feel sick in the stomach, a woeful Italy in WC, now this…

  5. Fear not my fellow Juventini, even though I, too, am disappointed with what appears to be the appointment of Allegri, we don’t need to be all doom and gloom.

    Let us just see what happens during the window, the C. League group stage draw at the end of August and ultimately how the first 10 games of our season pan out.

    Our biggest challenge and what we need to focus on now is holding on to our prized assets.

    I feel like this is a bloody dream though. It seems surreal.

  6. Guys I feel numb to not because of Conte as he may live to regret it, because of our choice of manager surely there are other ex players. Nice to hear from you Auber

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