Antonio Conte resigns

Antonio Conte has resigned as coach. There had been speculation before the end of last season that Conte would leave but Juventus had publicly stated that he would remain at least until next year to see out his contract.  Conte had stated that having won Serie A three times consecutively would mean that anything else would be seen as a failure except by winning the Champions League.  Speculation as to why Antonio Conte has left is that he did not want Juve to sell some of the key players such as Arturo Vidal and/or Paul Pogba although this is speculation and nothing else…for now.

Massimo Allegri has been signed as Conte’s replacement. The ex Milan coach is not everyone’s first choice, indeed, some fans have demonstrated at the training ground but the man deserves to be given a chance.

Where will we see Conte next ? Perthaps as manager of the Italian national side ?  Things will become clearer over the next several days.

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  1. antonio conte could be the next coach of Psg. in this case, He will have a budget to buy top players…. in additial at the top players.

    in addition to those present

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