ISL Stars – JUVE

My Juve are 1 – 4 to the good after 20 odd minutes. Forza Massimiliano Allegri. Now we will sit back not wanting to humiliate our opposition too much [like I recall having heard or read somewhere before]. It may have been linked with Germany’s 7-1 thrashing of Brazil. Actually it may have been young Fabio Cannavaro saying some things like this.

Allegri can win us the C. League. We’ll be in Pot 2 and will face R. Madrid and S***pool in the same group. Perhaps we will or won’t be in the same group as Madrid for two seasons running but I do hope we are in S’Pool’s group though and we crush them home and away.

4 thoughts on “ISL Stars – JUVE

  1. 1-8 – good for Fernando… he’s working hard, he started pre season training before anyone else don’t forget… he’s hungry and showing real desire.

    As for Max Allegri I think he is building relations. He’s only just joined up. We can’t be expecting him to do the cold stare thing after that game against Cesena. What? You expect him to be just like A. Conte? This is another person.

    After the 1 – 8 demolition of the Indonesian Stars I feel we can now win the C. League. Also, I’m pleased for Sr. Simone “Sidefoot” Pepe. He’s a bit like the Emanuele Giaccherini. Good useful footballer / actor (ala Claudio Ranieri’s way of talking)

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