Italian press suggest we could net him on loan. Would be a Great catch

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  1. COULD be a great catch, I agree BUT…The word I hear is that he would be joining Madrid if they hadn’t already bought Kroos and James. They can’t buy Falcao just yet because of FFP, so Monaco are prepared to loan him for a year and sell him to Madrid next year. But Monaco are asking for a loan fee that could be as much as 14 million euros. I wouldn’t want to lose Llorente permanently just to get Falcao for a year. I do like Podolski, though.

  2. For me, the first choice is Jovetic, because this player can play like first or second striker and We complete the forward unit.

    We would have two different solutions (Llorente-Tevez and Morata-Jovetic) with Giovinco as fifth choice.

    Falcao, conversely, would be the unique and only FIRST CHOICE and his salary is too expensive for the Juventus budget. Falcao could go to Milan because the AC Milan has particular situations of her leadership.

  3. Falcao is okay.

    Now that Milan have seemingly released Balo and removed him from their payroll they could take him from Monaco.

    Forget Stevan – he seems more and more happy in Manchester and scored two this evening. Definitely in Pellegrini’s plans.

    Podolski seems more likely.

    However, it wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t bring any more players in and now wait until the winter window for something to happen.

  4. Hello Steve, I’m starting to think like you.

    Jovetic: after last night (MCFC-Liverpool 3-1), He is the principal striker of MCFC and Pellegrini will not sell him.

    Podolski: after the Giroud’s injury, Podolski is blocked in Arsenal as substitute. If the Arsenal signs Cerci (Torino)…. in that caseā€¦.

    Falcao: price 60 million , salary 12 million . This top player is too expensive for Juventus.

    It could start the session with Coman, who has good quality, and wait the winter window of transfer market

  5. Transfer market news of this morning: Real Madrid would buy Falcao (48 millions) with the money (60 million) of Di Maria’s sale.

    Of course, if the MU wants Vidal, We must fix the price at 50 million.

    I hope that Vidal stays to Juventus and I hope that Vidal wants to stay Juventus for win the next Champions League

  6. ahahhhahaahahahhhaahah Falcao alla Juve..NEVER!!! We couldnt afford him!!! Remember the last time…we danced around with all the big names and ended up with “one day I will play for Barca” Bendtner!!!! Oh please…we wont…probably land up with some mediocre striker! Like…Pea from Man U!

  7. PS Jovetic is no where near the class of The KUN! Remember Liverpool messed up on the first two goals…as they were dominating the game till then!

    People here seem to have a short memory block..that idiot didnt want to come to us! So F him …we dont want him….I want players who want to play for us, and Vidal is pissing me off…he should come out with it….

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