Kostas Manolas – YOU GREEK TRAGEDY

We know that other clubs were interested in you, like Juventus and Arsenal. What prompted you to choose Roma?

Kostas Manolas: I wanted Roma right from the start, I listened to [Vasilis] Torosidis and [Traianos] Dellas as well and they spoke very highly of Roma to me. It was their advice but also my own choice that brought me to the best choice.

You thanked Olympiacos because they allowed you to come to Roma, refusing better offers. Who were the teams who were interested in you and how long had you been in contact with Roma?

Manolas: I had offers from some big clubs, I won’t say any other names but I can say that I also spoke with Juventus, they made contact with Olympiacos but I’ll say it again – it was my choice to come to Roma
In your opinion are Roma stronger or weaker without Benatia and with Manolas?

Manolas: Benatia was an excellent footballer, I saw nearly every Roma game last season and it was plain to me. I can only say that he represents the past and I am the present, I know this club has high ambitions and I feel I am able to show I am a good player and the right one for this team.

Why choose Roma and not Juventus? Was it the guarantee of being able to start games? Why choose shirt number 44?

Manolas: I said it before, for me Roma were and are the best choice, whether I am starting or not. I want to become a first team player but I don’t have a place in the team yet and no one has given me guarantees about that. I want to show I am up to it. Number 44 is just a random number, I wanted 4 but it was already taken, so was 24 so I chose 44.

YOU IDIOT, Juve never made a bloody offer, also the fact if Roma never sold their main man Benatia, you would of never came into the picture! He watched every Roma’s game…what a load of horse shit…..I take it if joined inter..he would of watched every single game of that team as well…

what a joker….what a greek tragedy!!

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  1. Yesterday, I watched the match Greece-Romania 0-1.

    The first game of new coach Ranieri (an other italian manager) isn’t positive. In additional, the defense was composed of three players of ASRome (Torosidis, Holebas and Manolas).

    Manolas not played wery well. I hope (we…) that Manolas will be bad player for the Rome’s defense.

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