Italian squad

I am pleased he’s dropped Balotelli.he cant make to many changes straight away. I do worry though when I see Osvaldo is that all we have up front.

3 thoughts on “Italian squad

  1. I think he’s dropped Balo to make a point. Show him that he’s not immune and needs to behave just like everyone else. When managers pander to him, it’s not done him any favours.

  2. Italy beats Nederland 2-0 and the italian squad plays good football.

    We can say: Goodbye Balotelli.

    Conte always works with the Men and after with Players. He prefers normal players (i.e. Giaccherinho) who play to win. The defeat isn’t in Conte’s dictionary. In his dictionary, the first word is “job” and the second is “job” (etc etc).
    The next italian team will play with Marchisio, Giaccherini, Quagliarella, Zaza, Immobile, etc…. all young players.
    Balotelli is out!!!

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