Juventus vs Udinese: are you ready?

The probable formation has the standard module of last three years: 3-5-2. Probably, the squad is:

Caceres – Bonucci – Ogbonna
Lichtsteiner – Pereyra – Marchisio – Pogba – Evra
Tevez (Coman) – Llorente

I hope in good match and a simple victory without injuries and efforts.

For you, is this the best formation Juventus can use?
I would not change the module.

5 thoughts on “Juventus vs Udinese: are you ready?

  1. We’ve played okay tonight. I was fearful that at the one goal advantage we’d slip up and concede.

    Yet to concede a goal in the championship, but we need to see more goals.

    We must crush Malmo next and then head over to Milan to do a job on them.

  2. Best formation for me? Shifting from formation to formation utilising all of the 3-5-2, 4-3-3 and 5-3-2. It’s very basic dependent on our opposition what players are in possession of the ball.

    Regarding people we might recruit in a few months I think I’d like for il Giacherrini to return

    (I think that he was not and may still not be really totally happy in Sunderland[, but he has been put onto the pitch by Gus Poyet in their last 4 games including their Capital One Cup match with Birmingham], though he was linked in the summer with a return to Italy (Inter etc).

    I admire how he has gone from playing in lower divisions to international tournaments (Prandelli should’ve taken him to Brasil for us to go to at least the QTR-FIN stage). He is not a “journey-man”.

    I play my football just like he does so I see the resemblances.

  3. Very well. Good match, good players, good trainer.

    For this game, my favorite player has been Ogbonna, because he is starting the new session in different mode than last (2013-2014). I hope He will always play well….

    In this moment, the squad has one only problem: the injuries.

    Against Malmo, We absolutely must win. The score isn’t important. We must be careful at Atletico Madrid.

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