Six games, six wins, six clean sheets. ok, I’m starting to warm to Allegri. If we get wins against Athletico and Roma, I’ll take his picture off the dart board!

Been a Juve fan Since 1978. Still in love with Platini. Was at Heysel with my older brother.

6 thoughts on “Allegri

  1. Conte made some very solid foundations to the Juve house, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Allegri is not letting the house crumble (so far).

    One thing I loved about Conte is the reaction he wrought from the team after we lost 4-2 to Fiorentina last year. It will be a measure of Allegri in the team reaction when/if we lose. Big week coming up now.

  2. I’m optimistic with our coach. In this moment, her conduct is good (Ogbonna is better than last year).
    However, I wait seeing the matches against Atletico and Rome. These games are very important for continuity of Juventus project. In particular, the match against Rome is important for stability in italian championship. I hope that the match against yellow-red squad terminates with large score for us.

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