Forza Roma sta sera

2 thoughts on “Forza Roma sta sera

  1. This is the thing with it… I heard Paul Scholes make remarks on Etihad stadium being empty at 1915/1930 hours and how Old Trafford was always buzzing on Champions League nights… Basically Manchester C. is an awful club with awesome players. Like many other clubs and teams in England many are very fake plastic surgery types with bundles of cash money simply trying to purchase success… I was super happy for young Francesco to get that goal though hahaha

    I know this is Juventus Club Londra but I am happy for how Roma performed in this match… Roma, I hope, will qualify from the group and send that awful Manchester club into the Europa where really, I have to say, they should belong.

    Roma have one more rest day than we do, though….

  2. Their fans are fools too… I remember that Europa league match where our Juve went in the Europa some 3 or 4 years ago.. I took a large scale flag and outside the stadium after the match some cockroaches tried to yank it from me.. I got my huge flag back in the 90’s when I first visited Stadio Delle Alpi when I was about 6 so there was no ******* way that these ******* were going to get it. You **** with me you ******* with the best

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