Juventus v Roma

Sunday 5 pm kick off.

18 thoughts on “Juventus v Roma

  1. Well, we won, but I can’t take much pride in the performance. It’s the ref that’ll get the headlines. I was really hoping that not only would we win, but we’d prove a point to Roma. I don’t feel we did the second part.

  2. Beautiful feisty match. Bonuc. with what seemed like a 40 yard “screamer”. For sure it had me screaming shaking and almost breaking the television box. Idiot referee got too many things wrong like giving our Morata the red card… 3-2 keeping up our record.. it will be fun in Juventus Torino now. FORZA LA JUVE!

  3. Big victory. One only problem: usual italian polemics!!!

    I think that:

    1- the first penalty for Juventus (handball of Maicon) isn’t regular. It is a compensation for the foul on Marchisio
    2- the second penalty (in favor Rome) isn’t regular, but only compensation
    3- the foul on Pogba is penalty (true)
    4- the third gol of Juventus (Bonucci) is regular (good)

    I hope there will not be problems and discussions in the current championship.
    The season starts now. The yesterday match must be the flight, the escape!

  4. What makes me most angry is Roma are claiming the moral high ground. The ref screwed up as many decisions in their favour as ours. Just we scored more.

    There could be repercussions during the rest of the season too. I can see refs not giving Juve penalties in fear of being hounded as pro-juve just like Rocchi is.

  5. This is incredible. Rome’s fans say again that Juventus “steals”. They always speak aid of the referee. I hope well…. and…. I hope all goes well !!!

    We must direct us to victory of fourth championship.

    Now, I’m angry with ASRome, Rome’s fans and, in particular, with the italian newspapers.

  6. Ciao utti,

    Mario i think you meant to say wanker…lol…

    His celebration was referred to the garlic sweets he had!

    I think it was a great game but slightly ruined by the ref ‘s performance.

    The first two penalties were correct bu the third one was tight. Red cards were absurd and Garcia getting sent to the stand was madness.

    Overall it was an action packed game…
    5 goals
    3 penalties
    2 red cards
    dozen yellow
    end to end action

    Overall good advertisement for Italian football barring ref performance.

    1. Okay, from memory the first penalty was for the freely kicked ball hitting Maicon’s arm on the edge of the penalty area and for me WAS a penalty. The second was for Stephan’s rugby style take down on Franco Totti which I think WAS also a penalty. I think the third one WAS also a pen. for Miralem Pjanic’s right leg cut the P. Pogba down in the box.

      For Garcia to be sended off for his violin gesture, I’m not sure.

      Garlic sweets? Leo is clearly Krazy with a capital-K.

  7. Still hot in the news today cant wait for the return. Hope we stuff them again. Yes Totti is a wanker !!!.Appently I read today even the pilot taking the Roma team home said Forza Juve in his pre flight speech.Now that would have pissed me off!

      1. Let me rephrase… I mean Romans as in AS Roma, certainly not people from Roma.. So, I will rebut my statement and rewrite it asIt’s fun to wind up the giallorossi!

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