Injuries and misdemeanours have increased transfer speculation. Do you think he will go, and if so who would you like to replace him? Mata and Shaqiri have both been linked.

Been a Juve fan Since 1978. Still in love with Platini. Was at Heysel with my older brother.

3 thoughts on “Vidal

  1. This is a position in some way we should be pleased about. We are now being recognised again, so even though we should keep our big name players, remember we made him what he is today. So selling a big name now and again wont hurt us. Providing we have a replacement.

  2. Before I trundle off to work I must share my own thoughts regarding Arturo ‘el Guerrero’ Vidalsassoon.

    He’s got some proper legendary status now, 28 next year. Still very young [and ambitious], but seemingly wants to try new things under many different coaches and learn more. These players must be admired.
    Mario, you highlight the fact that we, under Antonio Conte & Co’s correct stewardship, hade made VIDAL what he is today.

    Maybe also Arturo may really have some problems with his knees still and maybe we foresee his knee to explode like ADP’s did all them flipping years ago.

    Nedved for Presidency. Let Andrea control the hierarchy in FIFA and return Serie A / Italy to the fierce teams of the past generations. Maximum Allegri will continue to drive our Ferrari into the foreseeable future. Maybe we will be making him Juventino so we will have him renewing contracts, but I only want good for the team / club / loving fans.

    La Nazionale get Croatia next. I hope for good football and hopefully no idiots in the audience disrupting the football dance on the pitch.

    Who do we get in Champs. next??? Sassuolo? Should we emulate big crushings for Juve’s opponents in the hope that this may rub off onto the national team some more so that opponents can be heavily defeated instead of us being too easy on them. Germany in the WC were seriously good demonstrators of this philosophy. We all need to adopt this approach.

    Olympiakos next should be an interesting one. I want THREE (3) POINTS, please. Salute ragazz…

  3. Mata I really rated at Chelsea, so maybe him more than Shaqiri. I’d be happy for Alessio Tacchinardi to come out of retirement. He and Conte were great in the middle of the pitch controlling the football. I want to see more of our youngsters. Let’s Berardi in the side also and see what happens. I haven’t seen a lot of Kingsley Coman recently. I think he’s been taught tactics before he fully understands the Italian game. Bring on the Tactics, but please also the attacking performances scoring several goals. We probably haven’t scored more than 4 in a competitive fixture for quite a long time now.

    I was happy with re G. Chi3llo hat-trick last weekend.

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