100% Concentration tonight please. No Vidal has been rested and no Marotta banned

3 thoughts on “Sassuolo

  1. These games happen. They deserved a point. We need a reaction and a big game mid-week. Getting concerned about Llorente form. Disappointed Giovinco didn’t get on sooner. Wasn’t impressed by Evra either. It’s not worth making Asamoah unhappy for an ageing player like Evra.

  2. This match is as the smoke after sex. Our sex has been the match against Rome.
    Now, it need play well and win the european match against Olympiacos. This will be a game in a hot environment. I hope We play in different mode than last season with Mister Conte.

    In additional to, Ogbonna is better player in Sassuolo-Juventus.

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