Mancini back at the scum bags

Roberto Mancini has been confirmed as the new Inter Coach. Lets see if he can bring them success without calciopoli. By the way the saga continues, back in a Naples court on the 21 January I have a feeling we are going to get our titles back in the end.

8 thoughts on “Mancini back at the scum bags

  1. I hope so. Why do you feel that we might get them back? Will they just give in with all the appealing crap (yes, I know that we do want to prove our innocence, but maybe it’s just going to be more a case of the Courts just giving in or something or some offer or deal is finally accepted)… I’m never one to dwell on the past.. it’s history, but today is the present (God’s gift) and tomorrow is one intriguing mystery.

    How are we as fans of Our [Old] Lady going to really well and truly know what maybe really is going on behind the scenes? This is the thing with all news that we receive in that we never truly know how accurate and precise it is or are we just hearing some just some correspondent or spokesperson telling us what some other people want the World to know… sick of news these days. So angry at how some people of the human race behave… My God will react.

    Life is Ultra Extraordinary

    I want to focus on the present and future… I am the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

    Let us focus on our soccer. We’ve won 3 of our 6 games in the Month of November.

    Big game on Sunday from Giuseppe Meazza.. ITA – CRO… Croatia have won 3 out of 3 scoring 9 and conceded 0. This will be a nice game of football – TRUST ME.

    Mancini? I like him. Always rated him very highly when he played. I can tell that you, Mario, also like him and wouldn’t mind him in the Juve hot seat. This might happen in a few years to come when we maybe get bored of Allegri looking like he’d rather go home and watch the llabtoof on the television box.

        1. I’m all up for theological debate and happy to discuss all beliefs, creeds and religions but it’s not appropriate on a Juve fan site. You’re entitled to your opinion, and mine is equally valid. So let’s just agree to disagree and leave all deities to one side.

  2. No way Steve. Mancini is rubbish he has always been helped along the way and I would hate to see him on the Juventus bench. Regarding Calciopoli there was never any evidence of match fixing and all the evidence showing inter were doing similar things went missing, funny that !!!. I can tolerate most teams in Italy but never inter.

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