Who do you hate?

Juventus are the most hated club in Italy, and we don’t care, but Steves bilious diatribe against Man City has made me think. As Juve fans, which clubs do you hate most and why?

Been a Juve fan Since 1978. Still in love with Platini. Was at Heysel with my older brother.

5 thoughts on “Who do you hate?

  1. -Inter- long before calciopoli very arrogant ex owner

    -Napoli- as most of my family support them

    -Man united- due to Ferguson I thought he was lucky and a horrid man

    -Chelsea- because of their current manager

    Jusr a short list I could go on and on

  2. Hate? Strong word of course. I do hate Inter, shitpool, manchester c., arsenal and chelsea. Maybe spurs also.

    Dislike – very long list which includes Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen.

    Like – Juve & Everton & Napoli (for my family’s close proximity to the city). Mario? Are you against your family or something (surely not) or is it just the rivalry thing?

  3. As for me, I hate being beaten, but much worse I hate being undeservedly beaten. Which is why I hate:
    Man Utd, because of Champions League semi-final in ’99. Milan, because I was at Old Trafford in ’03. And I hate Inter because of Calciopoli.

    1. Steve you hate Spurs that my favorite English team even more when they beat that team from Milan that really made my night, I agree with Chelsea they look like that other Milan team I so want to see Chelsea get their comeuppance especially this Wednesday night.

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