Juve v torino

We didn’t play well but what a ending.

7 thoughts on “Juve v torino

  1. Yeah, what a goal. As Andrea was lining up to strike it I was thinking that we should not shoot yet but lovely. I need to play the second half back as I missed all of it except for the last 30 seconds after I switched it on to see the ending. I use BTSport. They’re getting better thanks to their studio or hub. It is next season for when BT Sport will televise European football, is it not? I’m sure I remember hearing that they will have the rights for the next three seasons.

  2. I saw the whole game on bet 365, and I never saw us winning that game it seemed the one that got away, Juve gave away the most ridiculous goal ever seems in my life and I’ve seen some stupid goals but on Sunday that took the biscuit, I was watching the game going nowhere fast about to come of the computer as I thought that it was it just watch this last action and it was then it all happen thank you Pirlo. As they say it not over until it’s over.

    1. work overtook me for a while, I trained as a coach for people with disability to enter into customer service took on a student which needed total guidance but was a good student, finally finished, hard work but awarding not so much the student but the dam paperwork following each day but I’m back yeepeeeeee

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