Juve take the Mole spoils late winner from Pirlo.

Juve have now won 26 games at their home stadium. No team so far has gone to the home of the old lady and taken any points away. This time it was Torino, the game was a typical derby slog, it does not belong in the archive off brilliant games. But having said that two really outstanding goals, well one the other was what can only be described as a bad tactical error, how in the hell does a player pick up the ball in his own penalty box run into the opposing box and score without being challenged once.
You’d expect this to happen in a lower league on in the top flight, question why did Vidal pull away from that challenge and why oh why did Chiellini not go out and meet the player, Peres must have thought that Christmas actually came early, because now they are actually saying that it could be the goal of the season. Really?
The second half of the game was just football at its worse, going nowhere fast couple of good chances came and went, you could be forgiven that the points were going to be shared, but the Juve never give up attitude paid dividends as in the 93rd minute another attack seemed to go array when Vidal past the ball to Pirlo from outside the box low streamer to the keepers right side next to the post kept the 3 points home, what a brilliant goal in desperation to score, that put pressure on Roma who faced Inter in the next game.
The chaser Roma started a bit slow taking the lead twice then being caught twice you started to smile other dropped points but no alas the nerazzurri again folded away from the game thus allowing Roma to score twice more for a 4-2 win to stay 3 points behind the old Lady.
Genoa moved into that third place spot after finally winning after two drawn games they traveled to Cesena and left with all three points with an emphatic 3-0 win that is after missing from the spot (Matri) this was all in the first 45 minutes, they played out the next 45 with little to write about but for Cesena missing from the spot too.
Milan hosted Udinese in what you might call an average game (seen from the highlights) and kept all three points at home; the Domizzi sending off was a joke the consequent penalty was a joke brilliant diving action. Then Essien gets himself red carded for what can only be described as a stupid moment 1-0 one player take easy don’t put your arm into your opponents face you know what happens early bath but Milan added the second shortly afterwards to keep up with the race.
The result of the weekend has to be Chievo holding Lazio to a goalless game how did that happen I did not see any off it but I’m left wondering what happen, two dropped points for the guests.
The last result of the above game allows Fiorentina to close up the gap as they traveled to Cagliari and saw them of in a second half flurry, the Viola’s took a first half lead to the dressing room still a close one to call but the second half they went out and taught Cagliari a lesson in football (it’s not the first time they did it remember last season 2-0 up then what v Juve) it must be that half time drink they get, what’s in it I want some.
What about Sassuolo? Man they did it again this time the victims were Verona, the guest actually took an early lead just after 7 minutes Moras gave them the lead, come the second half and Sassuolo drew level with Sansone then took the lead in the 77th with Taider moving closer to safety well in advance.
In Sicily Parma once again fail to win as the hosts Palermo beat them 2-1, Parma are slowly drowning in Seria A they are now 3 points away from catching the last safe spot., I know it’s too early to talk about survival but Parma unless something happens and happens quickly they will be in a lower division next season no doubt about it.
Empoli shared a goalless game with Atalanta not much to be said about this game.
Out of the bottom eight teams they picked up three points one each for Chievo, Atalanta and Empoli, I say eight teams because I believe that the three going down are in this bunch for sure.

Juventus next game will be Friday away to Fiorentina, whiles the second place Roma host Sassuolo on Saturday night if ever there was a game you wanted Sassuolo to win this is one of them.

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