Price on Pogba

Papers saying 40 m if Bale is worth would you let him go for 80 m interesting thought ? who would you buy in his place and do we need the money ?

3 thoughts on “Price on Pogba

  1. In whose place?

    I am thinking right now with Giroud that this is really cool football. He’d be good player for us with Pogba and Coman in the team. Maybe we can take him some time soon if we gave Arsenal someone like Marrone. .. young Luca would be good for them red sh$$$s actually…. I think we need to sign someone experienced like Alonso… let us take Xabi and win the C.League

  2. To be honest I have to think back to something that A. Agnelli said a year to three ago (could have been just months though but I think for sure Conte was in charge at the time…. I can’t quite remember exactly what he said but the gist of it was our future projections sort of thing where it will be years before we can get fully back to the levels we were used to over the last few decades … I think he said 2018/19… economically and achievement wise e.g champions of Europe etc

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