To Real for 100m plus yes or no ?

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  1. Oh come on stop reading this crap… we’re now selling our current top player… right now it seems that he can do anything on the pitch.. he’s good to watch – Everyone in Life knows this right now… The Pog needs no introduction right now… He says that he still loves his former club – that’s nice for him to say, but he won’t be going there… Yes, I’d love for him to stay with us into his early 30’s where he then may want to wander off into a new adventure… he and Vidal and everyone other flipping player in our ranks need to grab us a 3rd Champions League… only winning 2 out of 7 needs some work..

    Trist is right.. we don’t need the money ’cause Agnelli and P. Nedved are selling lots of drugs (Agnelli either looks overweight (his face looks puffed out after I seen the camera director cut to him after young Kingsley rifled in our 6th against a hapless Hellas Verona) from the Festive period or he’s getting high on his own supply)… Plus, WE ARE NOT A SELLING CLUB

    But, like what James Pallotta, the Roma owner, has been saying… silly figures have to be listened to… ala if a club comes in with a bulky big sum offer for Miralem Pjanic (whom I rate very very highly) then they may have to do some business….. maybe the same could be said for our Pog…

    Yes or No? No. For me, No.

  2. Steve its reality mate, not crap when you are doing well everybody wants your players. Zidane etc went and we plugged the hole. One player at the right time is good business even though you or I may not like it.

    1. I mean crap in the sense that because Paul Labile Pogba signed a long contract extension only three months ago there is therefore almost 100% no chance that he’s going anywhere like Madrid

      1. A long contract is a good signal, but it in no way ensures he stays. If Real come in with a €100million bid, a discussion will be had amongst Marotta, Nedved, Agnelli, Allegri regardless of the length of his contract.

  3. They’re talking on BT Sport saying that Carlos Tevex not renewing contract with us and returning to Boca Juniors.. James Richardson asked about Paul’s links with PSG and they mentioned Cavani may be included in a possible transaction [as we would obviously need a striker to replace Tevex]…
    If Paul’s sale does go ahead it hopefully won’t be this season

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