Sources say Giovinco, 27, will join Toronto FC on a four-year contract worth $7 million USD annually. It is expected Giovinco will stay with Juventus in Italy until July, although the exact timing of his move has not been confirmed. It is believed that a multi-million dollar transfer fee will be paid for the player.

6 thoughts on “Giovinco

  1. I can’t say I blame him. He’s a good player, just not quite good enough to earn the shirt regularly. At least we’re not going to have to play against him.
    I really hope we don’t waste money trying to replace him. We obviously don’t need another striker. I hear rumours of Pazzini, Osvaldo, Boriello etc, none of them are better than Gio.
    If Tevez goes back to Boca in 2016, then we’ll need the money to replace him with a top quality striker.

  2. Allegri has issued a hands off – Giovinc. is not for sale…. of course the accuracy and truth of the things we hear and read will forever be questioned in Life..

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