Ok so how do we plan for this game. My view try to win it and go 12 points clear

3 thoughts on “Roma

  1. I agree, but I hope the team are concentrating on Dortmund at the moment.

    Important not to concede any away goals, I can see us winning 2-0 in first leg.

    I’m not all that worried about the Roma game as they seem to have no confidence and have all but given up on the scudetto. Psychologically they have already lost. Whilst I hope they do well in Europe to boost the Italian coefficient, I hope their confidence isn’t boosted by beating Feyenoord too much.

  2. Right, now we can start thinking about the Roma game. Disappointing to concede the away goal tonight, and the manner in which they scored, but can’t really say they didn’t deserve it.

    We’ll have to see if any of the players suffer from fatigue, and if Pirlo can play.

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