Juve move to +9 now tonight Dortmund

Juve this season will most probably win their fourth Scudetto in succession. This season though it will be gifted as the chasing clubs cannot win more than once before suffering a setback. This season like last season two clubs started well it seemed that they could give Juventus a good run for the scudetto but both clubs faded away with Roma forgetting how to win as they have now drawn 6 out of their last seven games and as for Napoli after a bad run they are closing in on Roma as they have picked up six win out of eight games, so Roma no way can they win the Scudetto but run the risk of not being in the Champions league next season, and here was a manager that said the giallorossi this season was putting Juventus to the rope, which rope, (skipping rope).
Juve this weekend made a real meal in beating Atalanta, saw some of the game they seemed to have their mind elsewhere as they underperformed but still ground out a positive result, great goal from that old man Pirlo who once again showed how it’s done, (how Milan would have loved to have kept him), hopefully against Borussia Dortmund Juve will play better with more determination a good home result is very much needed. Dortmund had a really bad season until after Christmas as they have won three out of four games actually the last three games, and won in style, the team has found its mojo thus making it more difficult for Juve.
Returning to the league Juve have moved nine points clear from Roma as another drawn game is slowly opening a gap as wide as the Messina straight, with the next game being the two meeting in Rome will most probably the scudetto decider, a Juve win would take then 12 points clear with only 13 games left near impossible, a defeat by Roma could mean a real challenge for them to hold on to that second spot. On a more dramatic note let’s hope that Parma continue to play in the league for the rest of the season, their immediate closure would not be good for all round it would also water down the Scudetto, hopefully in todays meeting they can come to some agreement to pay the wages and for the security at the stadium so they can play the season out.
But for now Juve have to look forward to the Dortmund game tonight, not an easy task but not an impossible task, to give themselves a great chance to qualify for the next round would be a 2-0 win not to concede a goal.

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