Europa League etc.

I’m only disappointed that Fiorentina are tied with Roma.. I am quite happy with the tie for my Everton though… I’d like an all Italian final to boost Italian clubs’ co-efficients[, but of course I want Everton to win the competition].. this is all good for Italian football… Actually I don’t think that it’ll be too long until only 3 teams from the EPL will qualify for the C. League.. basically swap the current qualification state of both Serie A and the EPL, if that makes sense. Italy = 4 spots for C.League, 3 spots for E.League; England = 3 spots for C.League, 4 spots for E.League.

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  1. Good news, however they should scrape the tournament and bring back a cup winners cup as a knock out tournament, with first prize a champions league place the following season.

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