We just welcome Fiorentina on Thursday in COI

A fun game shown on a Sky Sports 5 from 7.40pm… It’s kind of odd seeing Coppa Italia matches on Sky Sports.. I know that Sky showing Coppa Italia matches from “the business end” seemed to start last season on Sky.. Salah seems to be scoring a lot recently so he, along with others, needs to be muted.

Can I get tickets for the Dortmund match in Germany?

10 thoughts on “We just welcome Fiorentina on Thursday in COI

  1. I fancy travelling down to Stansted for fun and boarding a flight for fun to DTM airport then later watching a Grande Juve go to war with Borussia D.

      1. Despite the several rotations that Allegri made, I still expected at least a draw but more importantly to still play the good football.

        Maybe we’re just turning down the gas a bit and getting ready to roar against dortmund?

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