Flipping heck, I’m ultra ultra delighted to see chelsea out, but if we get through to the next round and are drawn against Paris then.. well… what a game that will be.. Verratti needs to come home to Juve soon – he’s class. Contracted to 30/06/2019, I want him in our black and white jersey and fast..

Schalke were class too…

Interesting Champions League this season… next up arsenal and manchester OUT, I hope. A quarter final containing no clubs from the UK will be nice.

What will they say now? Oh, the state of English football is miles behind etc … I heard carragher saying “we’re being kidded new premiershit television deal etc etc we’re being kidded etc”… oh, so what will be the answer then…? Inject more silly money to buy more overseas players hahaha… it’s laughable, absolutely, completely, totally laughable.. well done you Brazilians T. Silva and Sideshow Bob

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