Claudio Marchisio

Hurt himself during training with the Italian team, season over out 6 to 8 months

5 thoughts on “Claudio Marchisio

  1. I’m gutted.. found out via Sky sports news.. He’s like my favourite player too… Yes, Stefano Sturaro will have to try…. We still have Vidal, Pereyra, Pepe, Padoin, De Ceglie and Marrone also.. Does anyone know when Kwadwo is due to return?

  2. CM8, as we know, has been Juve since very early age and really is more precious and sentimental to us than ADP hence why I’m gutted… Look, maybe I would now only put A. Pirlo in games against Monac (and hopefully beyond) & second leg of Coppa.. use very very sparingly in Serie A mainly as sub just to let him jog around a bit and stuff.. He really needs to be wrapped in the finest quality cotton wool.

    On the plus side Á. Morata started for Spain, got on the scoresheet and was replaced after the hour mark. Spain play Netherlands on Tuesday. Lichtsteiner started and was substituted after 78mins.

    1. WTF … Seemingly a second MRI scan now shows no lesions to the ligament… Well if he gets the rest and can continue playing then this could be the absolutely flipping best news of 2015 so far.. Take it easy, Claudio!

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