Juve finally goes one better.

Juve make to the semi-final yes to the S-E-M-I-F-I-N-A-L of the champions league, we have all been waiting for this for a long time since coming out of that famous nightmare.

Last night we all witnessed the progress finally moving on, Monaco tried and tried but could not find the net as Juve held on to the end. But as games go it won’t go down as a classic definitely not, the bianconeri boys seemed to struggle at times, Monaco did not allow time on the ball, in the first half both teams cancelled themselves out, there was a very close call for a penalty for the hosts but was not given.

In the second half on a couple of occasion Juve tried to supply Monaco with a goal chance but for Buffon they failed big time, when the final whistle came along it was a real relief.

On Friday Juve go in the ern alongside Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, any one of the first two will do but I would really like to avoid Bayern Munich as when I watched them in the second leg you’d be thinking that they won the first leg as they came out with such confidence and just brushed away Porto in the first half as they scored no less than 5 times overturning that 3-1 defeat, Porto did put past one them in the second but was put right as Bayern killed off any  dream of a comeback. But having said that Juve will have to play much better than they performed against Monaco.

As they it not over until it’s over, Juve are 180 minutes away from the final, 180 minutes from a dream or 180 minutes to nothing, which one will it be. On that said it still great that the bianconeri have gotten this far, forza ragazzi one more big push then it’s the final.

3 thoughts on “Juve finally goes one better.

  1. We can take any of those three on and succeed… we must not fear bayern.. we need to play with more confidence.

    PLP should be back for us too, but lacking some match fitness so I’d expect him to be seated at the right hand of the Max Allegri.

    1. But Bayern at this current moment are really strong but we all know that you cant keep that up for long thus the reason I want to avoid them, we have a far better chance with either Real Madrid or Barcelona. Forza Juve

      1. You have your wish.. they gave us some difficult times when we met in the group stages last year, but maybe the knockout aspect can have some effect…

        PLP should be back and will be seated at the right hand of the Max Allegri and his Kingdom will have no end.

        Our Juve will have no end.

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