Genova 1800 hours, Saturday, 5 May 2015

Look, I know that this may sound absolutely completely totally Krazy very much with a capital-K, but I think we need to go to this game and hand the 3 points to il Doria.

In the uk our game against madrid on Tuesday will be televised on crappy itv (for maybe the first time in some time), but it might be interesting to see how they broadcast at our castle etc and what those silly pundits say about everything just to laugh and shout at them.. however, i think paul scholes can say some good things, but i’m not interested what the others have to say… also i cannot really stand listening to clive tyldesley and andy townsend so may have to mute that one and put some alternative audio on… at least there will be no adrian chiles… i think that fool is foolish.

Promising to see that we have had our game against Cagliari rescheduled from, I think, Sunday to Saturday so that will give us the time we need to head on over to madrid and prepare… we can do this. FORZA LA JUVE… STORIA DI UN GRANDE AMORE

6 thoughts on “Genova 1800 hours, Saturday, 5 May 2015

  1. Today is also important as it good to keep confidence up. No team should ever “hand a match to another”‘ for any reason. We can beat Madrid, they are not that good. Forza Juve.

    1. CAMPIONI, CAMPIONI… OLE OLE OLE hahaha Forza la nostra Juve

      Both these crap spanish clubs have scored 100+ goals… madrid currently 102… barcelona 105… the spanish league really is just too easy – i wish that spain would only have the 3 places for UECL.. but looking at their defensive record (30 goals conceded) I think it has maybe been a little leaky. Need to watch them against sevilla now

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