Who would have thought it at the beginning of the season ?

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  1. I always thought we would dominate for a few years once we got over the initial problems of Calciopoli and managerial merry go rounds of those times after 2006. I believe we are only now starting to take off and will come back better and stronger next season. These are the steps to the top podium of European football again. Forza Juve.

  2. I am so pleased for Allegri. When he was appointed he was spat at and egged. I might’ve been one of them if I was there. Fair play to him, he proved all the doubters like me wrong.

    And with Inter facing FFP sanctions, Milan being mid-table and Roma failing again, we might be at the summit for a few years yet. IF WE CAN HOLD ON TO POGBA and not become a selling club.


    1. Okay, let me digest this

      At the beginning of M. Allegri’s appointment I do remember my stating that we should give him time etc.. this, I think, was before a ball was kicked.

      I remember this thread… Everyone with the old doom and gloom surrounding his signing.. tut tut.. my calm and tranquility, knowing that our Juve would be fine.

      Tris, I see your statement, “If Allegri gets us 103 points this season, I’ll accept him for a second year.”… What now?

      As for Fergie type eras, well, has this sort of thing been heard of on the continent – I’m trying to think of a club that has had a coach/manager for at least 15 years.. I think only Giovanni Trapattoni comes close… maybe there have been other clubs with coaches of long tenures….?

      By the good old way, the english league is thoroughly boring…..

      Now we must await the MASSIVE game on Tues. … oh, this game is HUGE, maybe the biggest for a very, very long time… both legs are HUGE games.. I’m just not sure which is bigger…. I don’t want to discuss it too much… I just want us to take to the field with confidence and courage… I want us to show them no respect, because they for sure will not have any desire to show us respect… we have to go war now and we need our force of nature to be at his rugged best.. Fino alla fine forza Juventus

      1. My point about 103 points was that Allegri would have to do something to earn respect. He’s just about done it. I expect to win the coppa. It’s been a while since we’ve done the ‘double’.

      2. Who cares about the amount of points Juve end up with, to get 103 we need to play first team all the time. id rather lose a game but try out the fringe players see what can stay what to get rid which youngster can cut the cloth, who’s the next Marchisio, Del Piero or even Chiellini lets not forget Buffon is nearing the end maybe three or four more seasons, so who cares about 103 points not me. just bring the C.L. and Coppa Italia thank you for that. you all seem to have short memories when that team in Milan did it they said no one would repeat the same feat so here it comes.

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