Going to Turin

Hello again.

I can’t seem to find the Topic I started a while back, about Meeting Up in Turin around the time of the Napoli game next Sunday

I’m in Turin next week, finishing off my research for my John Charles novel.

John Charles the Legend
Writer based in Leeds, big fan of Leeds United and of course Il Gigante Buono, John Charles.

6 thoughts on “Going to Turin

  1. Thanks. I’ve had some John Charles business cards printed too, in Italian, asking people to get in touch if they have any stories from the relevant times involving Il Gigante.

    Any bars you recommend or advise to avoid near the stadium? I probably won’t be actually at the game.

  2. Bars to avoid? I’m not sure..

    I do recommend a nice little place that served me excellent espresso at the big junction of Via Torino Druento and Strada Comunale di Altessano.. I think there’s a McDonald’s just by there too, but I would avoid that variety of fast food.

  3. I think something like Cantino.. I just remember how it was a beautifully refreshing coffee for the early morning post Alessandro Del Piero’s final game in Serie A at home against Atalanta in our unbeaten season.

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