SERIE A 2015/16

The Milanese clubs seem to think that their signings will close the gap to the Juve? Hahaha… it will be interesting, but I’d definitely welcome them back to P2 + P3 to get back into the big league… They have both made some good signings, though… and with only domestic football for them to concentrate on it looks like it’s going to be a good season….. I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT… FORZA LA JUVE

2 thoughts on “SERIE A 2015/16

  1. Saw King Arturo on Sky Sports News HQ earlier sat in the courtroom waiting on the outcome… shortly after something flashed up detailing the plea bargain.. we know that his licence is revoked for 2 years and that he’ll have to go to the Chilean consulate in Milan so often… but also as part of the plea it seems he has to give two motivational speeches to prisoners, donate 100 football shirts, balls, shin pads and socks to inmates and donate a signed Copa America final shirt to Buin fire station..

  2. Bad Boy Beppe says the market is closed.. no more transfer activity? Surely not. Yes, we moved before other clubs, but I’d like to see some more surprises.. it’s always nice to see, hear and read these things…

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